Neuroradiology and Neuro-oncology

Neuroradiology mainly focus on the analysis and characterization of abnormalities of the peripheral and central nervous system, spine, and head and neck using neuroimaging techniques and study of radiology. Advances are raising all the more instantly in the exploration fields of Neuroradiology incorporates the improvement of MR imaging of the Brain and Spinal cord neoplasms. Essential imaging modalities incorporate Computed tomography (CT) and Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Ultrasound and Plain radiography are used on a constrained premise and in limited conditions, individual in the pediatric population. Neuro oncology is denounced to various malevolent disorders of neurons and is the subject of brain and spinal cord neoplasms, many of which are very dangerous and life-threatening that includes astrocytoma, glioblastoma multiform, ependymoma, pontine glioma and brain stem tumors. Cancer spreads to the Nervous System by direct invasion or compression from continuous tissues relates to the proximity of the Nervous System to other structures


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    October 26-26, 2021

    3rd Global Meeting on Oncology and Radiology

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

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